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Rally Gypsy Rescue
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Bijli Mahadev Is Lord Shiva’s Temple Situated At The Top Of Hill Purely Dedicated To The Temple. Temple Is Located At An Altitude of 2.460m And It Is Around 22 km Away From Main Kullu Town. Temple Has An Important Part In The Lives Of People Of Kullu And They Have Immense Devotion On Their Deity. The Mountain Is Covered With Thick Deodar Forest And Near The Temple There Is Huge Ground Which Is Part Of The Temple. The Area Near The Temple Is Solely Of Deity. During Monsoon Season Every Year Lighting Strikes The Shiv Linga Situated Inside The Temple Which Breaks And Next Day The Priest Reattaches The Broken Pieces Using Butter. And Then Fair Is Organised In The Temple Where Devotes From All Around The Area Comes To Pray To Lord Shiva.

Bijli Mahadev In Winters
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Legend Has It That A Demon Called Jalandhar Or Kulant In The Form Of An Enormous Snake Once Created Havoc Around The Valley And Wanted To Submerge The Area. Lord Shiva Had Fierce Battle With The Demon And Killed It. The Demon Took The Shape Of The Mountain And The Temple Was Created On The Top Of The Mountain In The Name Of Shiva. From Then On People Stated To Worship At The Temple And It Is Believed That The Lighting Strike That Happens Every Year Is To Save The Inhabitants Of The Region From The Evil And Is A Blessing Of Lord Shiva. It Is Also Believed That The Long Staff Located Outside The Temple Is One End Of Gadda ( Ancient Weapon Used By Gods To Kill The Demon )

Bijli Mahadev Temple
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How To Reach The Temple

  1. Trek To Bijli Mahadev: One Of The Ways To Reach The Temple Is To Take The 3 KM Long Trek Through The Dense Deodar Forest. First You Have To Take A Bus Or Taxi Toward The Chansari Village. From There You Have To Trek Towards The Temple. There Are Stairs Created To Make The Trek Easier. There Are Also Shops On The Way For The Refreshments And To Take Food. After Around 01:00-01:50 Hour Of Trek You Will Reach An Open Area.
    Bijli Mahadev Ground
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    There Are Tents Setup By Local People To Provide Food, Sweets, Prayer Materials Etc. You Buy There And Then Have To Climb Few More Stairs To Reach The Entrance. This Route Can Be Accessed Throughout The Whole Year. In Winters When Snowfall Occurs This Trek Becomes Difficult But Difficult Roads Leads To Beautiful Destinations.
  2. Jeep Safari Through Kais Sanctuary: This Route If One Of The Most Dangerous And Fun Off-road Track Which Will Take You Through The Narrow And Treacherous Route Through Kais Sanctuary. This Route Is Only Accessible In The Summers. In Winters The Route Is Closed Due To Snow.

Kais To Bijli Mahadev Travelogue:

We Started Our Journey In The Morning. For Our Bad Luck Or Can Say Good Luck It Was Raining But Not Heavily. Rain Had Made The Track More Slippery. But We Were Prepared And Full Of Energy. So We Gathered At Kais Village And Waited For Rest Of The Crew. Just After Few Minutes Everybody Showed Up And We Briefed Everyone For The Precautions To Be Taken And Few Driving Techniques. Everybody Got Ready And We Started Our Off-road Trail.

Team Goli Terror
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As We Traveled The Landscape Was So Mesmerizing With Trees On The Sides And Clouds Covering The Mountains.

View From Inside
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We Took Breaks At Few Places Between Trail And Took Videos And Photos. And Headed Slowly And Steadily As One Mistake On This Trail And You Will Fall In The Deep Valley On The Other Side. This Trail Is Both Thrilling And Equally Dangerous So You Have To Be Very Careful While Driving On This Trail.

Kais Trail
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Picture Of Team Goli Terror Group

Team Goli Members
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So We Headed Forward But Our Pace Was Stopped As One Of Our Rally Gypsy Got Stuck In The Mud. Rally Gypsys Have Low Ground Clearance For High Speed So It Is Not Good For Off-roads. It Took Sometime For Us To Get It Unstuck.

Team Goli Convoy
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Rally Gypsy Rescue
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So After Rescuing Rally Gypsy We Headed Forward And Reached Bijli Mahadev Temple. Temple Was Located On The Top Of Hill. But The Vehicles Were Not Allowed Upto The Temple So We Parked In The Ground And Walked Upto The Temple.

View Of Temple Entrance

Bijli Mahadev Entrance
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Bijli Mahadev Enterance 2
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Bijli Mahadev Enterance 3
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Bijli Mahadev Enterance 4
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Shiva Linga In The Temple

Bijli Mahadev Shiv Linga
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After Praying In The Temple We Headed Outside And Wandered Around Took Some Shots And Just Soaked In All The Beauty Of The Nature Inside.

Tree Outside The Temple

Tree Ourside Bijli Mahadev Temple
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View From The Temple Toward Parvati Valley

View Of Ground Bijli Mahadev 3
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View Of Kullu Valley From Bijli Mahadev

View Of Kullu Valley From Bijli Mahadev
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So After Taking A Lot Of Pictures We Had Our Lunch In One These Tents

View Of Ground Bijli Mahadev
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After Having A Tasty Meal Its Time For Us To Head Back As We Have Leave Early As Lot Of Trail Sections Takes Time Due To Mud And Off-road Section.

Heading Back To Home

Parking In The Wild
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Rock Wall On One Side And Deep Valley On Other

Rocky Trail Section
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Evening View Before Darkness Caved In

Evening View
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Convoy Heading Back Home At Night

Crossing Section At Night
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So Like This Our Epic Off-road Journey Comes To An End. Everyone Was So Much Thrilled And Happy After Completing The Journey.

Precautions To Be Taken:

  1. Bijli Mahadev Is Accessible Throughout The Year By The Trekking Route.
  2. Offroad Trail Is Accessible From May To October As Snow Blocks The Route In Winters.
  3. Safe Months To Take The Offroad Trail Is May,June And Then October. As During Monsoon The Route Becomes Extremely Slippery And Its Too Dangerous To Drive.
  4. Take Only A 4×4 Vehicle Through This Trail As There Is Literally No Road And Check Every Bit Of Your Vehicle.
  5. Never Try This Route Alone. Always Drive In A Group So That If You Are Stuck Then There Is Someone To Rescue You.
  6. This Trail Is Really Narrow So Carefully Drive And Check Beforehand With Locals Wheather Your Vehicle Is Able To Cross The Narrow Sections.
  7. If Possible Take A Local Experienced Person To Lead Your Group.
  8. Keep First Aid Ready For Any Injury Occured On Trail.
  9. Respect Local Tradition & Keep The Calmness And Peace Of The Holy Place.
  10. Preserve Nature And Don’t Try Any Wild Activity As It Can Be Dangerous And Life-Threatening.

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