Snow Drive To Gulaba In Manali

Convoy Waiting
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So It Was The Winters Of 2018. We Friends From Manali Decided To Meet As We All Were Free That Day. It was a sunny day till noon and we all reached just before Nehru Kund. As soon as we reached it started to rain and soon snowfall started. And this was the sign for us for some fun. So we decided that today is snow drive day. We waited for more of our friends and soon they arrived. We ordered some refreshments and chai. So we had our chai while our gypsys were outside experiencing fresh snowfall and then its time to go.

Fresh snowfall on gypsys
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Fresh snowfall on Gypsys

Snow Drive Starts:

We stated our vehicles and moved toward the barrier. First it was Palchan where the vehicles were stopped. But our gypsys we allowed and we went ahead after crossing the gulaba solang valley diversion we took a halt and clicked some pictures.

Photo Time
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Snow Drive was going great and we all were having fun witnessing the beauty of fresh snowfall. There was one steep curve section on which our vehicles struggled even in 4L. But having the help of group members and gaining enough momentum we all crossed one by one.

Tough Section
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This Was The Tough Section

Gypsys in the last struggled to get through this portion. The snow was packed and they were sliding to the one side.

Convoy Waiting
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Waiting For Last Gypsy To Cross

As we moved forward the views become more and more beautiful. Everything was covered in snow looking like something from a fairy tail. Everything white, roads covered in snow, tress covered in snow, only just tyres marks of gypsys.

Snow Drive
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Snow Drive
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As Me Moved Forward trees on either side became less and more open area came in front of us.

Open Areas Toward Gulaba
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When reached the barrier there were no vehicle except a camera crew gypsy which came there to interview the police personnel as how they work and function in these harsh conditions. So we reached and started to have some fun in the snow.

Sunny Negi Drifting At Gulaba

Everybody had their chance of drifting their vehicles and it was fun. Even the camera crew and the police personnel there left the interview and started to shoot our videos of drifting. As you know nothing goes perfect as per the plan one of our gypsy had his turn and just few seconds after he parked his gypsy on side. The radiator pipe exploded and coolant was all around.

To Much Drift Gulaba
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This was the sign for us to wrap up our trip. So we filled the radiator with snow and water and aligned all the gypsys in a line for the picture.

At Gulaba
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Team Goli Terror Gulaba Ride
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Gulaba Snow Drive
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As It started to snow really heavily we decided to head back. This was a good decision. The time we reached Kothi it started to snow real heavily.

Heavy Snow Drive
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We reached Kothi and had some much needed chai and snacks. Then headed back home. Staying there much longer means getting stuck in heavy snowfall in which our gypsys will be useless. This was the end of our Gulaba Dnow Drive.

At Kothi During gulaba ride
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Things To Keep In Mind:

  1. Always Travel With A Group During Any Drive.
  2. Never Go Further If You Are Not Comfortable With The Environment.
  3. Keep Snow Chains And Recovery Tools In Hand.
  4. Keep You Vehicle And 4×4 System In Perfect Condition.
  5. Drive Slowly And Don’t Break Or Accelerate Suddenly.
  6. Help Each Other Whenever Possible.
  7. Always Try To Give Vehicle Pass When There Is Quite And Open Space.

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