Hamta Valley – Sethan Village (Igloo Village)

Igloo Village Is The Famous Name For Sethan Village Situated In The Hamta Valley Of Manali Tehsil Kullu District Himachal Pradesh. This Village Has Got Its New Name Due To The Creation Of Igloos In Winter Months From January Upto March. Igloos Are The Unique Dome Shaped Ice Structures Created Using Ice Cubes Stacked Together. These Structures Are Mostly Created In Arctic And Antarctic Regions By Eskimos. Igloos Have Comparatively Higher Temperature Then Outside. 

The Igloo Houses Work Really Well For Us.. They Don’t Leak And The Dogs Can’t Chew On Them Up The Way They Can Wooden Houses. Large Houses Are Best… That Way It Can House A Bunch Of Puppies Or One Large Dog.

– Kandys Killough

Igloos Were First Created In Sethan By Two Young People From Manali Vikas And Tashi. They Used To Play Around Sethan On Weekends In Snow Making Snowman, Ice Structures In Their Childhood. 

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