Cycling Through Jana Fall

Cycling In Manali

Naggar Castle To Jana Fall Then To Kais Monastary
This trail will take you to Jana fall via Naggar road and then to Kais Monastary. Jana fall is a peaceful little
fall hidden in between the hills of manali. Roads leading to the fall consist of many inclines declines
sharp turns but all these leads to some of the best scenic locations you can find in the valley.

Day 1
Hotel To Naggar Castle

You will be picked up from manali and then taken to Naggar in our vehicle with all cycling equipment.

On the way you will experience the scenic roads of manali with trees on both side of the road. On

reaching Naggar you will be taken to the Naggar castle which is now turned a tourist attraction and

restaurant but there was a time when it was used by kings to look upon their kingdom.

Day 2
Naggar Castle To Jana Waterfall

After spending few moments at the castle we will start our cycling trail. You will be briefed about the trail and points to

be taken care of. Then you will proceed toward Jana fall. Cycling on this trail is quite special as there is

less traffic and the road is covered with trees on both sides. It will take quite a time to reach Jana fall on

this trail. After reaching Jana fall we will take a break and you can have lunch at Jana fall.

Day 3
Jana Waterfall To Kais Monastery

After taking rest we will again start our cycling journey towards Kais village. Now after few KMs we will start to

descend and you have to take care of you speed as cars can come at any blind corner. After reaching the

main road we will cycle toward the Kais Monastery.

Day 4
Kais Monastery To Manali

Kais Monastery is a beautiful work of art situated

right around the road. Same as another monasteries you will find peaceful environment there which is

sure helpful to relieve all your stress and complete you cycling journey. From Kais Monastery you will be

taken back to manali in our vehicle.


  • Accompany Vehicle
  • Medical Support
  • Bicycles If You Want Us To Arrange
  • Lunch


  • Any personal expense
  • Any damage to bicycles

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Cycling Through Jana Fall
Price From INR  3,999/person
Total 3,999 INR


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